Monthly Archives: June 2014

The younger you

Have you ever wondered what the younger you would think about the present you?  I was reading an article about it the other day and it asked the question of what would the younger you think about the present you. What would make 14-year-old me delighted, if not  disbelieving?  It ... Read More »

I have a dream

Many (many) years ago I had a dream. It was about the house I wanted to live in. I’ve been dreaming about this house for so long now that I finally said to myself “what the heck, why is it still a dream, why can’t it actually be a reality”. I’ve ... Read More »


Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. After much soul searching and deliberating, I decided on a fresh start. A new space to capture our journey along the road we call life. The old space had no purpose any more. It was created for a reason and that no longer exists. ... Read More »