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With only weeks till we move out of our house, we are living among many boxes at the moment. Packing is always a good way to cleanse. I feel like I need a major cleanse right now. Too many items remind me of times in the past. Besides, it’s the future ... Read More »

Taking the first step

Today is the first step toward one of my biggest dreams. A dream that I have had for so many years. A dream that has kept me motivated these past 12 or so months. Today I officially sold my house. Having the house sold means I am one step closer to ... Read More »

Making a butterfly mobile

I’ve found a few tutorials on the web here, here and here about how to make this with circles (so it looks like my capiz shell pendant light) or with butterflies. I decided to use elements from each of the tutorials to create my mobile. Now, I have to admit, this project isn’t for the feint ... Read More »

Black doors

I want black doors in our new house. There I have said it. Probably not a popular choice. Oh can you see it….beautiful black doors with white trims. Not seeing it? Well here is some inspiration:   I mean just take a look at the difference a black door can make: ... Read More »

Always an audience

No matter what I do or where I go I always seem to have an audience of two. Gone are the days of sitting on the toilet in private. As soon as I head to the bathroom I hear Ruby call out “mumma….mumma” with a voice like those creepy kids you see ... Read More »

Quick kid’s room artwork

Here’s a little artwork I did for Ruby’s bedroom a while ago. It is so simple and cheap…you will love it! All you need is some Ribba frames from Ikea which cost around $15 each. I like the 23×23 size shadow boxes but you can pick whatever your little heart desires!  ... Read More »

A dreamy home library

I love books. I could never (ever!) be a Kindle reader. There is something about a physical book that is really special. So with my love of books, you can imagine I have amassed quite a collection. It actually used to be much larger but without space to store my ... Read More »

Direction of your dreams

This quote is one of the many that I favour. It’s by Henry David Thoreau, an American poet, author and transcendentalist who is best know for his book Walden which is the story of his experiment to live off of the grid on Walden Pond in Massachusetts. Thoreau describes his journey towards ... Read More »

Making butterfly shadow boxes

This is a tutorial I did some time ago on another website. Because I enjoyed making it so much, I thought I would share it here for you peeps to check out: 1. Start with a cutting board, stencil of butterfly, various coloured paper, some white card to stick butterflies ... Read More »

Addicted to Pinterest

Tonight, as Ruby drifts off to dreamland, I spent a little more time than I would like to admit browsing Pinterest. I read somewhere that Pinterest has been described as digital crack for women. I agree, it is a highly addictive substance. What drives me crazy is I get one ... Read More »