Monthly Archives: February 2015

I’m bursting at the seams

No this isn’t a post about how much weight I have put on lately…there could be a whole another post on that one! It’s not showcasing my average sewing skills either. No this post is about how excited I am with what is ahead of me right now. And there is ... Read More »

Today I became a farmer

…well sort of! Since moving into our current home, I have moved on from the lush tropical gardens of our past home and taken a more self sustaining approach to gardening. Yes me with the black thumb has decided to grow fruit and veges. As I have mentioned here in ... Read More »

Adding luxe with grasscloth wallpaper

Have you been watching The Block? Dee and Darren are back again this year and as much as everyone in the whole entire planet seems to dislike them….I actually love what they deliver. This year Dee has a new weapon up her sleeve – grasscloth wallpaper. This product is something I have ... Read More »