A dreamy home library

A dreamy home library

I love books. I could never (ever!) be a Kindle reader. There is something about a physical book that is really special.

So with my love of books, you can imagine I have amassed quite a collection. It actually used to be much larger but without space to store my beloved hardbacks that I had collected over the years, I ended up storing them in a garage and they sadly were water damaged.

One of the biggest luxuries I will be having in our new house is a library. I can imagine in winter time sitting in a comfy wing back chair by the fire, reading before bed.

The library will be a showstopper. A room people will walk into and say “oh wow”. The reason it will have such an¬†effect on people is because it will be black. Yes folks, all the walls and bookcases will be black. It is also going to be the hardest room to get right because it could go terribly pear shaped with that colour.

To share with you where my head is at, check out some of the rooms that are inspiring me:


Black but with lots of natural light

There’s that wing back chair by the fire

This has always been my favourite library inspiration

Has a bit more of a modern feel about it

Picture this room with the walls and bookcases in black and you can imagine the room I want!

Love a good window seat to sit and read


A ladder on wheels to reach those books in the floor to ceiling shelves

Lovely furniture layout and so cosy

Do you have a library in your house?

Have fun!





* All image sources can be found on my pinterest board



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