Black doors

Black doors

I want black doors in our new house.

There I have said it. Probably not a popular choice. Oh can you see it….beautiful black doors with white trims. Not seeing it? Well here is some inspiration:

These are my absolute favourite doors. I want the colour and profile!

Gorgeous doors and equally gorgeous handle

Love a good French door!

What an entrance to a bathroom!

How moody does this look?!?!

Screams elegance

Can look pretty with pink


I mean just take a look at the difference a black door can make:

interior doors painted a dramatic glossy black. So maybe this will sway me to paint my door red?

DIY Bye Bye Louvered Doors! Hello Paneled!!

What do you think about a black door?

Have fun!





* All image sources can be found on my pinterest board

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