Being sorry

I read a great article in Huffington Post today titled “I’m Sorry Is My Armour“. I really resonated with the feelings the author, Jennifer Malise, was expressing.  You see after I came out of my last relationship, I was feeling like a very broken person. I was a shell of my former self. ... Read More »

What we eat

They say you are what you eat. And I certainly believe that and have become a lot more conscious of what we are putting in our mouths. With my long term goal for us to have some self sufficiency in our new home with vege and fruit gardens and a few chickens, I ... Read More »

I’m bursting at the seams

No this isn’t a post about how much weight I have put on lately…there could be a whole another post on that one! It’s not showcasing my average sewing skills either. No this post is about how excited I am with what is ahead of me right now. And there is ... Read More »

Merry Christmas

It’s the evening of Christmas Day and I sit here in the quietness of the night. Little Ruby has gone to bed after a big couple of days of excitement and fun. Yesterday I started a new tradition – the Christmas Eve box. I pulled together a Christmas gift box ... Read More »


Today I farewelled a friend. My friend, affectionately known as ‘E’ to many, passed away suddenly last week after a very brief illness.  I have faced death before. I have lost loved ones – family dear to my heart. But I have never lost a friend before. When I heard of ... Read More »

Making a gingerbread house

I’m thinking a lot about Christmas at the moment and introducing some family traditions that Ruby can grow up with. I love Christmas…I love it that much that I could be Mrs Claus! Earlier this year I purchased an Elf on the Shelf and she (we’ve named her Holly) is ... Read More »


It’s amazing how having gratitude can make a difference in your life. It is said that being grateful for what you have invites in more of what you want. After what I have experienced this last week I really believe this to be true. I have been living in a ... Read More »

Ruby’s In the Night Garden Party

Who would have thought Ruby turning two would be here already? Time really does fly. It feels like it was only yesterday when she was born! There is no doubt what show is her favourite in the whole entire world. She has flipped out over In the Night Garden since ... Read More »

Missing in action

Yes I have been missing in action and by action I mean A LOT of activity going on. My company Start Up Mum is so close to being launched that it’s not funny. I’ve spent the last few weeks in meetings with legal peeps sorting all that boring stuff out as ... Read More »

A birthday fit for a princess

It’s almost that time of the year.  Yes, Ruby will be turning two. This time last year was her 1st birthday and I was in a frenzy of princess party pink. As a former event manager, I can’t just serve up a store bought cake with a few chocolate crackles ... Read More »