Final Block reveal and disappointing auction

Well The Block is over for another season with one of the oddest auctions the show has ever seen. But before we get into that, let’s take a peekaboo at the last room reveals because, as usual, I am running behind with my blogging!! Darren and Dee Showing that they ... Read More »

Bumper Block reveal review

I’ve been a slacker with my reviews of The Block in the last couple of weeks. To be honest I haven’t had a great deal of time to watch the show and I mainly tape it so I can fast forward all the crap, the politics and stupidity and get ... Read More »

The story you tell

It seems that everyone that is successful in business has a story. A story of rags to riches. A story of how they overcome something. A story of being someone that was thought would amount to nothing who became something. You hear them all the time. The drop out that ... Read More »

Ensuite week on The Block

Another week on The Block and another reveal. We’re getting to the pointy end of the competition now with second last week and the delivery of ensuites. Let’s see how they turned out. Michael and Carlene These guys deserve a 10 for consistency. The bathroom was simple and yet stylish. ... Read More »

Out at BHG Live

Home and garden shows…I love them! I’ve been to the HIA show already this year. I have my tickets already purchased for Grand Designs (again!). So when I heard Better Homes and Gardens were doing their show, well I just had to check it out. Not one of the best ... Read More »

Reveal time on The Block

This week it is living and dining week on The Block. Let’s jump in and check them out… Michael and Carlene This week’s winners impressed the judges with there living and dining space this week. This is a room I both like and dislike. I love a good bookshelf and ... Read More »

It’s kitchen week

My favourite week on The Block has to be kitchen week. It’s always exciting to see this area of the abode and they just keep getting better every year. And the scores from the judges demonstrated that with most teams getting very high scores. So let’s jump in and see ... Read More »

Another year

Today I am another year older and another year wiser. Today I turned 42. It’s weird as I don’t feel 42. I still feel like I am in my early 30’s and I don’t know why as that was a period of partying for me…certainly not something that gets done ... Read More »

Big reveal week on The Block

Big week this week. It’s stairs, laundry and powder room time. But I must say I was left feeling very disappointed. Michael and Carlene This was a room the judges were very impressed with and I just can’t see why. Sure it was a very nice room but to me ... Read More »

Master Reveal

Although I have been moving, I have still been getting my regular fix of the Block…albeit a taped version several days after the fact. It does mean I have to put my fingers in my ears and say “la la la” if anyone talks about it though. Master bedroom reveal ... Read More »