The making of an advent calendar

Back in November last year, I found a wooden advent calendar kit at my local Spotlight store. I had dreams of grandeur. I thought about combining the idea of an advent calendar with a shadow box. I could see it in my head…I just needed to make it happen. Make ... Read More »

Making a butterfly mobile

I’ve found a few tutorials on the web here, here and here about how to make this with circles (so it looks like my capiz shell pendant light) or with butterflies. I decided to use elements from each of the tutorials to create my mobile. Now, I have to admit, this project isn’t for the feint ... Read More »

Quick kid’s room artwork

Here’s a little artwork I did for Ruby’s bedroom a while ago. It is so simple and cheap…you will love it! All you need is some Ribba frames from Ikea which cost around $15 each. I like the 23×23 size shadow boxes but you can pick whatever your little heart desires!  ... Read More »

Making butterfly shadow boxes

This is a tutorial I did some time ago on another website. Because I enjoyed making it so much, I thought I would share it here for you peeps to check out: 1. Start with a cutting board, stencil of butterfly, various coloured paper, some white card to stick butterflies ... Read More »