Quick kid’s room artwork

Quick kid’s room artwork

Here’s a little artwork I did for Ruby’s bedroom a while ago. It is so simple and cheap…you will love it!

All you need is some Ribba frames from Ikea which cost around $15 each. I like the 23×23 size shadow boxes but you can pick whatever your little heart desires!  Then get a children’s book – i’ve picked “Dream Big” by Ian Falconer as I love the motivational quotes in it. Finally you will need a cutting board (only if you don’t want to carve up your dining table), ruler and cutting knife.

Next step is to cut pages out of your chosen book. If you can’t bare to kill a book, you can do what I did and use a very good laser colour printer to copy the pages of your choice.  Then trim the pages down to fit your frame. You might need a bit of sticky tape to hold them in place.  Repeat as many times as you like…I made three frames as I think an odd number looks better.  And that my friends is literally making cheap kid’s room artwork! (it actually took me longer to write this blog!)


Give it a go yourself and send us the pics so we can share your fabulous talent with our peeps!

Have fun!


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