Ensuite week on the Block

Another week on The Block and another reveal. We’re getting to the pointy end of the competition now with second last week and the delivery of ensuites. Let’s see how they turned out.

Michael and Carlene

These guys deserve a 10 for consistency. The bathroom was simple and yet stylish. The judges felt it was a bit cold and were not happy with the choice of light fittings or the fact that it only had one shower head. It was one of the smaller ensuites of the week and I think they did a great job. Again, they’re style is really not my thing but I there were elements that I liked, such as the use of timber coupled with the shine of mirrors and glass.

While the judges liked Michael and Carlene's ensuite, they were surprised to see so much glass.

Chris and Jenna

Every week these guys seem to get reveal day wrong and always think they have more time than they have which means they cut it very fine with the delivery of their room. This week was probably one of the worst timed deliveries we have seen and it showed. The room was not presented clean and tidy, caulking still needed to be done and the styling was very blah. The judges loved the 3D tiles. I personally thought they were not attractive at all and would easily date the bathroom. The copper piping leading two the two shower heads was reminiscent of their main bathroom and, even though the judges thought the right amount of copper was used, I personally didn’t like the obvious difference between the copper pipe and the silver shower heads.

But when it came to the vanity and the mirror it was clear the couple had run out of time.

Simon and Shannon

This week’s winners, the brothers wowed the judges with their custom wooden bath. Yes folks, wooden. To add to that they had a spout coming out of the ceiling. Add to that their double showers with additional handheld shower and you have a bathroom that amazes. I personally thought it was a very creative ensuite although its wasn’t really my style.

The judges were absolutely awe-struck by the wooden bathtub in Shannon and Simon's ensuite.

Darren and Dee

Do you notice every time the judges walk into a room by Darren and Dee that they seem to whisper. It’s like the serenity of their rooms calms them down. The ensuite this week was no exception and was very beautiful. I personally was torn. It had elements of their style that I like, but at the same time, I felt their choice of vanity wasn’t right…perhaps it needed something a little more traditional looking.

Shaynna said the only thing that let the room down for her was there was not enough storage.

Max and Karstan

Keeping with the style they showed us a few weeks ago in their main bathroom, this couple delivered an ensuite that seemed to tick all boxes. However wow the judges it did not. They used the words clinical and cold to describe it. I think it was the high gloss tiles that were the turn off for the judges who are preferring the matt finish.

Neale noted Max and Karstan really liked that "glossy look" in their rooms.

Only one more week to go with exterior to be delivered next and then it is show time!

Do you have a couple you fancy to win The Block? Leave a comment with your thoughts 🙂

Have fun!



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