Final Block reveal

Well The Block is over for another season with one of the oddest auctions the show has ever seen. But before we get into that, let’s take a peekaboo at the last room reveals because, as usual, I am running behind with my blogging!!

Darren and Dee

Showing that they can be versatile with another look, Darren and Dee pulled off a stunning kitchen. I love the mirror splash back that reflects the terrace and the use of colours is very soothing. The timber look also adds that warmth. I wish I could feel that amazing bench that the judges kept going on about!!

Darren and Dee's kitchen was a hit with the judges.

Max and Karstan

Now this is what I am talking about when I say deliver a terrace that is high end and makes the most of space! It feels very consistent with the neighbouring kitchen too. What a nice space to sit and have a cuppa!

Max and Karstan's downstairs terrace was "magnificent".

Chris and Jenna

These guys just don’t seem to crack a break. The judges felt the lounge room looked like two different rooms squished together. I think that, aside from their bathroom that they got 30/30 for, this is one of their better rooms. I do wish they had of used a more inviting lounge though.

Chris and Jenna's living and dining room received mixed reviews.

Michael and Carlene

The couple that always seem to be the bridesmaids and come 2nd, they did a brilliant job on the powder room/laundry. So light and bright and with that amazing chandelier…has to be the poshest looking laundry in Australia! The judges said it ticked all the boxes and I agree.

Michael and Carlene blew the judges away with their laundry and powder room.

Neale described it as "the ultimate laundry".

Simon and Shannon

These guys were delayed from the start with this build and then compounded by the weather and yet still managed to complete an amazing room. I am not convinced on the pots or dining set choice but everything else gets a big tick!

Shannon and Simon impressed with their rooftop terrace.

Their fire pit was a focal point and hit with the judges.

Room reveal out of the way – phew! Now onto the juicy goss from the auction.

There were disagreements on the auction order so the teams handed the decision to Scotty who said it would be allocated by over judges scores with the highest earners to get first choice, being Michael and Carlene. Poor Chris and Jenna coped the unwanted by all first place…always getting the raw end of the deal and yet coping it sweet on the chin acknowledging they were going to rock it. And rock it that did. It was a close call with the big being locked at the reserve price but then it took off and they came away with a tidy profit of $310K. Next in line were the brothers who scored a tidy $335K profit putting them in the lead. Max and Karstan up next were the first of the upsets. With the highest reserve of $1.7M and an apartment that was expected to sell, they came away $40K profit. Dee and Darren up next had a shocking result with only $10K profit and last but not least was Michael and Carlene with another $10K profit. Bet they all wished they had of not given up the dreaded first spot now!! The brothers took home the title and prize of the highest profit above reserve and pocketed another $100K.

I read the reason behind the poor/mixed results was a slump in the market but also that the location of the apartments were on a too noisy road for such high end apartments.

What did you think of the results? Do you think the right team won?

Have fun!



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