The Block is back

The Block is black with the biggest renovation to date – The Glasshouse. It takes place on High Street in Melbourne’s trendy Prahran and this season sees 5 teams transform a run-down former factory into multimillion-dollar apartments.

But OMG, is this the slowest start to The Block in the history of the series?!? By the third episode only one team had even got their framework up…and with only two days till room reveal! I am so glad I record each episode so I can fast forward all the dribble…and this season seems to be way more dribble than usual.

Week one room reveals are always the first glimpse at the styles of each of the contestants so always interesting to see. The first room reveals took place on Sunday night, always the night to look forward to so you can see what the teams have been working on.

The judges are back, Darren Palmer, Shaynna Blaze and Neale Whittaker, with their thoughts on what the contestants have delivered.  Let’s jump right in and check out this week’s room reveals:

Simon and Shannon

Brother’s not only racked up one speeding ticket and two crashes in the first week but they also took out first place with this room that I thought had a Swedish vibe going on. I like the storage idea with using the wardrobe as a bed head and the colours are fresh but the carpet and floor boards idea did my head in:

Shannon & Simon: Guest bedroom gallery | The Block Glasshouse | 9jumpin

Carlene and Michael

Renovation royalty, these guys have been around the block (no pun intended!) a few times and know how to renovate. This was one of my favourite rooms on the night. Not my style but I certainly enjoyed the moodiness of the room and, as the judges said, it felt cozy:

The Block Glasshouse

Darren and Dee

Hardworking Darren and delightful Dee delivered my favourite room. Although a smaller room than the rest, I like the direction they are going which is my style and I am looking forward to seeing what they deliver in the next few weeks (hoping to get some inspiration!!). The dressing of the bed is fabulous…I just want to dive on it and sleep. 102 blankets and twice as many pillows I believe :

The Block Glasshouse

Chris and Jenna

Although the amazing architecture was the standout of this room, it did little else for me. I kind of thought the tall ceiling was a waste of space…couldn’t you not squeeze in another 3 levels up there?!? The artwork idea they had was genius though:

Chris & Jenna: Guest bedroom gallery | The Block Glasshouse | 9jumpin

Max and Karstan

For the first time in the history of the Block, a room was delivered incomplete. With trades people letting these guys down, they delivered a room without a wardrobe and blind. But I tell you had they have had it they would have been strong contenders. I like their style…not me but it’s simple and yet sophisticated. I can’t wait to see more from these guys:

The Block Glasshouse

Well that is the wrap up of this week’s reveal. Keep an eye out for next week’s main bathroom reveal…gotta love a good bathroom!

Have fun,


Source: Channel Nine


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