They say you are what you eat. And I certainly believe that and have become a lot more conscious of what we are putting in our mouths. With my long term goal for us to have some self sufficiency in our new home with vege and fruit gardens and a few chickens, I am starting to get into the swing of things now rather than wait till then.

It all started with some education from my good friend Athena who has been helping me make lifestyle changes to what we consume. What I have learnt from her has made me far more educated about the foods that I purchase. I am forever reading labels of packaged food and looking to making my own from scratch a lot more.

Just last week I bought myself an electric meat grinder. We use mince a bit in our meals – be it chicken, pork or beef. I want to make sure of the quality of that so I decided to start making my own. Dad and I went halves in a slab of beef yearling and cut our own steaks and made some batches of mince. I have to say that the quality is awesome and the savoury mince I made was so tender especially without all the fat and goodness knows what else store bought mince has in it. I am keen to get some sausage skins and give them a go because Ruby is fond of a having sausage with her veges.

In other news, that mango that glares back at me every morning as I peer out of the kitchen window. Well it won’t be peering back at me any longer because it is now in my hot little hands and soon to be in our tummy! The tree is really starting to deliver right now and every day I am getting about 3 mangos of the tree…although I have to say that it’s a fight between me and the birds as to who gets them first.


Today with Ruby’s help I tried a new recipe from Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar For Life book – Paleo Inside-Out bread. I was super happy with myself that I got to use parsley from our garden! Not a fan of olives I skipped on them but the bread is delish!  I also like to keep a little healthy treat in the fridge so we made a batch of bliss balls filled with dried dates, organic raw cacao, almonds, coconut oil, rice malt syrup and a pinch of sea salt processed down then rolled up into little balls and tossed through toasted coconut. It was the first time Ruby has discovered dried dates and she loves them – I had to pry the packet out of her hands!

bliss balls

I wonder what we will try and cook next week….

Have fun!

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