You’ve probably heard of essential oils and wondered if they actually work. Well I thought exactly the same when my friend talked to me about how she was using them.

I won’t deny that I have always lived a pretty high-tox life. But since Ruby was born, I’ve become more aware of toxicity in her life. I’ve always used organic, non-scented products for her from the very moment she was born. And yet I was still pumping toxic products into me! It’s been over a year that I’ve actually started transitioning over to more natural remedies and I am amazed at how they actually work.

So when my friend introduced me to dōTERRA I was open to listening and yet still rather skeptical. I started using the products myself. At first it was just infusing blends in my dōTERRA diffuser or wearing them on my lava bead bracelet. Then whenever Ruby or I had an ailment I would ask myself “I wonder if there is an essential oil for that?” and google it. For example, I had ridiculously bad hiccups one day and I searched the internet and it said to inhale peppermint oil. Sure enough my hiccups stopped immediately. I’ve since tried it numerous times with Ruby and myself and it works without fail.

The first niggle of a cold and I quickly mix up a flu bomb.

There is so much to learn about how to use essential oils in your home. And if you are like me, the process can be a little bit overwhelming. I am hoping that you will follow along with us as I share in greater depth and detail how to get started using essential oils…don’t worry I am not selling anything!

I will be sharing some of the ways I use the oils. For example, I bought the Koh cleaning product…the mop is amazing and even better with a few drops of citrus essential oils. I like to use dōTERRA’s wild orange or grapefruit in mine. I don’t just use dōTERRA oils though, I have discovered Perfect Potion and they do some lovely blends too and a great chakra balancing mist which I spritz on my face after I put Ruby to bed of an evening. The product is supposed to re-balance your energy centres and I certainly need that by the time Ruby goes to bed!

Have fun,

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