I can hardly believe it is over a year since my last post…where has that time gone? It’s been a crazy, whirlwind of a life I have been living as I split myself into all the roles – mother, daughter, friend, business owner, community manager. I feel like I lost my grip of it all back in February but truth be told I lost it last year.

But it was something that happened yesterday that triggered me to pop into this website and share some nuggets.

You see, I have a dream and have had that dream for a while now. And when you have a dream and you don’t seem to be getting closer or it’s taking too long to get there, frustrations start to creep in. You start to want to compromise to make life better. You start to bend the dream, even add in a detour.

So in the last two weeks I have been trying to take a detour. I’ve literally been moving heaven and earth to make the detour happen. It’s not a detour I needed to take. It’s a detour that I thought would make our lives better on the way to the end goal. But what I realised yesterday was that by trying to take the detour I was not being confident in my ability to get to the dream. I was doubting myself.

A believer in the law of attraction is something I’ve been for some time. I believe the Universe has something else in store for me and that’s why it didn’t allow the detour to happen. It has more confidence in myself than I do. I get the feeling that I’m experiencing a manifesting stepping stone right now and everything is unfolding as it should. I need to hold my vision!

Whenever I ask the Universe for what I want, when I put my intentions out there, I must remind myself that I need to trust in the process and remember the concept of ‘this or something better’.

So in the chaos of life, detours and the feelings of being lost, I ended up finding myself again and remembering that it’s all about the end goal. Just keep my eye on the prize.

Have fun,

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