Back when I was 25 I was fancy free and footloose, living my best life as a single girl in the city. Friday night after work, the girls and I would meet up at a popular city bar for drinks and who knows what the night might bring. Saturday was reserved for brunch at a cafe followed by a bit of shopping to pick out a new outfit for the evening. The evening was all about dancing. Sunday was more cafes and maybe some more drinks and dancing in the evening.

Fast forward the years and I am now a solo mum pushing 50 this year and feeling every year of those right now following health challenges over the last couple of years.

So watching the Sex In the City reboot, And Just Like That, I wondered why everyone was so down on it. Was it because it seems to be trying too hard to be woke? Was it because it just didn’t have the same vibe that it did all those years ago when the thought of women talking openly about sex was unheard of? Or was it because just like the old days when we watched Sex In the City, we can see a little bit of each of the characters in ourselves? Yes I can totally resonate with Steve’s loss of hearing. Yes I feel my hip pain just like Carrie walking up the stairs with an umbrella as a crutch. Yes I am dealing with a hormonal pre-teen just like Charlotte.

Did it just highlight the fact that we are now old?!?

So while I enjoyed seeing that gals once again, finding out where they had ended up in life. It just made me reflect on my own life, the different directions life took, the hits and misses of the goals I had and where I thought I would be by the ripe age of 50.

But just like each of the characters had a strength in them, I saw that own strength in myself. The challenges I have overcome with navigating life as a single mum, dealing with breast cancer and a spinal fluid leak, running businesses while raising a child and everything in between. Just like they have, I have moved forward and although sometimes life looks a little different than what I had planned, life is pretty damn great.

Did you watch the reboot? How did you feel about it?

Have fun,

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