With the thoughts of our new house clearly in my mind all the time, I have been making sure I keep my spending on new home wares to zero. Even with my guilty pleasure being nice linen, I have had to stop myself time and time again as I tell myself to wait till I get closer to building our new house.

However today I bought the first purchase…and it felt soooo good! It is a gorgeous pendant light I picked up on ebay for $89.


Okay so it might be just a tad premature…BUT…I couldn’t help myself! I’ve had my eye on it for a while and was discussing with my dear friend (who I think is an interior design guru) where I could possibly put it. Being that its only one pendant it would look odd in the kitchen. I was thinking the laundry maybe but my friend said I should keep that to be more task orientated lighting. That’s when we had the idea of putting it in the mudroom as a feature.

So pleased with it and even more pleased that I am starting on the road to making the forever home happen.

Have fun!

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