Many (many) years ago I had a dream. It was about the house I wanted to live in. I’ve been dreaming about this house for so long now that I finally said to myself “what the heck, why is it still a dream, why can’t it actually be a reality”.

I’ve been planning this house in my mind for years. I have one of those folders all separated into sections for each room and I regularly add new images of what I want each room to look like, what the colours of the walls will be or even what furniture I would like to use. And now with the invention of Pinterest I have gone super dream home crazy!! Yes, I am designing my ultimate dreamy home or what I am calling my “forever home”. It dawned on me recently that I could just keep on designing this home forever or I could actually start taking the first steps in making it happen.

So back in June last year when I was at my financial worst (long story I will share one day!) with mountains of debt and unemployed, I gave myself two years to achieve it. “What the #&^*?” I hear you say, “Only two years?”. It might be tight but hey this dream has been going on for far too long now and I honestly just want to be living it. I figured that if I put it out there and start actually making a plan for it then I can make it happen.

I have always had this “dream location” in my mind..picture this…it is about 5 acres, with distant ocean views, slightly rolling fields and the trickle of a small creek running through it. Yes, that’s the land I will buy when I win the $22M lotto tonight! Realistically though (bringing myself back down to earth now!) I know that I am not going to get this with the budget I have in mind so I am just happy for a simple 2 acres of land at this point…preferably not next to a power plant though….I am desperate but not that desperate!

And what style will it be?  Imagine a cross between American farm house and Hamptons style….a bit traditional, a bit modern…with hints of British Indian. I can’t wait to share with you what I am planning as well as the journey in making this dream a reality.

And a reality it will be. Just after Easter I took a major leap in the right direction and put my current house on the market. There has been a lot of interest and a few offers but the magic number hasn’t been achieved as yet.

In meantime I am keeping my eye open for the right block of land and speaking with some peeps to get my plans drawn up and costed properly. I just can’t wait to get this kicked off and especially can’t wait to start shopping for all the fixtures, fittings and furniture!

So stick around and I will share with you the progress.

Have fun!

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