Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. After much soul searching and deliberating, I decided on a fresh start. A new space to capture our journey along the road we call life. The old space had no purpose any more. It was created for a reason and that no longer exists. So its out with the old and in with the new!

Over the past year there have been so many changes, challenges, highs and lows. But the best part of it is that I have been moving forward in the direction of my dreams.

I recently found this quote by Oprah and it really resonated with me. She said “the biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams”.

It got me thinking about the many times I put things in my life on hold until “one day when I am living in our dream house” or “when my business is up and running” or “when I loose weight”….or I could just wait until everything is perfect and the stars and moon align.

Or I could actually start living the life of my dreams right now in this very minute.

There is no point waiting until perfect. I always remember a friend telling me once that you are perfect in all your imperfections right here and right now. And when you take a step, you are still perfect in all your imperfections.

And its not perfection I am striving for so why am I hinging my dreams on it?

So the adventure starts now. It’s all about living the life of my dreams from this point forward.

Have fun!

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