On the weekend I purchased my first piece of artwork for our new house…you know the dream home in the making. We were out and about at a local spring fair and they had an art display filled with works from local artists. Now I am not really into art, you won’t find me hanging out in art galleries on my weekends. But I appreciate a good piece when I see it. And I really appreciated this one!

The piece is by James Moseley. I don’t know what it was about it but I just kept walking back to it. The sensible part of me said “don’t be ridiculous, you don’t even have the new house yet and where are you going to put it in the meantime…you can’t even hang anything up in the rental we are living in right now!” But the adventurous part of me said “if you love it, why not? Isn’t this life about living in the now?”

So I bought it. James even delivered it to me today – so excited!!

I love James’ work so much that I have asked if he would be interested in doing a few custom pieces down the track…maybe a bit closer to actually moving into the house!

Have fun!

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