Ruby is learning to share at the moment. When she is playing with other kids, I often remind her “Ruby share”.

When it comes to most things she is a very much into sharing. If she has a chocolate for example, she always wants to share it with me. Now that would usually be a good thing right? Except that at the moment I am on this detox where I am only eating one meal a day (and because it’s my only meal it tastes amazingly good!).

So the other night, we are sitting at the table having our dinner. Ruby has her meal in front of her and I have my amazingly healthy meal in front of me – a yummy split pea and lentil dahl with a piece of chapatti. Ruby looked at my chapatti and said “mummy I have some”. Now usually I would be very willing to give her any of my food…it’s great that she wants to try it. But remember, this is my only meal of the day. I looked at Ruby then looked at my chapatti. Ruby must have sensed some hesitation because she said “mummy share”. How could I possibly say no when I am trying to teach her to share! So I ripped it in half and gave her some.

Aren’t our children a great reminder of the things we need to continue to learn about ourselves.

Have fun,

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