My aha moment

I had an aha moment today. Several months ago I engaged the services of a business coach. I had heard her speak at an online webinar and what she said really resonated with me. I found myself saying “that’s me!” and I was blown away by how similar backgrounds and experiences we had. I looked up her website, had a browse around and then got distracted with Ruby.

The following day I was browsing my Facebook feed and I noticed that she was one of my “friends”. I use the term very loosely because I am almost maxed out at the 5000 mark and I certainly don’t know them all personally. Anyway, I thought it was a sign and so I contacted her, asked her if I could have a session.

And so many (many!) dollars later I get an appointment for two sessions with her over the phone. In anticipation of our meeting, I decided to buy and read her book that had been published by a very highly regarded brand that is hard to get published with. She was also getting amazing media coverage internationally about it.

The book…which honestly I got bored reading…was meh. The session I had with her was really telling me stuff I already knew. There was no follow up after the meeting with action points or any check in between sessions like I provide to my own clients that I coach. After the second session I just didn’t feel like I was getting anything worthwhile out of them so I left it at that.

But today I realised that what I got was the most valuable thing of all. It was a belief in myself and what I could achieve if I took action and did the stuff I want to do. If someone can achieve what she is achieving, having the success that she was having, with what I consider to be average offerings and insight, then imagine what I can achieve with all the knowledge and value I was providing my clients.

I believe everything happens for a reason and my crossing the path with this woman wasn’t about the lessons she would personally teach me but the lessons I would take from the experience.

Have fun!


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My aha moment