No matter what I do or where I go I always seem to have an audience of two.

Gone are the days of sitting on the toilet in private. As soon as I head to the bathroom I hear Ruby call out “mumma….mumma” with a voice like those creepy kids you see on horror movies. Then when she finds me (and its usually the first place she looks when she “looses me”) I usually have Ruby asking me if I am doing “poo poo” or “wee wee” and clapping me with a “yeah” when I am finished. Roxy is always sitting just wanting to be patted.  If I am sitting there too long, Ruby usually asks to clean her teeth. When I explain we have already done it this morning and we can do it again before bed time, she usually gets upset and starts to let me know that she really needs to brush them…there is usually tears…mostly from me!  Just a moment to myself to do my business in peace please!

Then come time for a shower. It’s usually with two pairs of eyes ogling me with added commentary from Ruby “head, toes….” as I wash my bits. Roxy just sits there with a smirk, happy to be part of the family.

Yeah for bed time you would think. That also is with an audience. I have Roxy laying on the floor next to me and Ruby on the other side….or should I say laying at an angle with her feet towards me so she can “bounce” off me all night as she sleeps.

It’s funny you have a house that is big enough for us to spread out but the three of us patter around in the same 1sqm all day every day.

Do you have an audience too?

Have fun!

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