The making of an advent calendar

Back in November last year, I found a wooden advent calendar kit at my local Spotlight store. I had dreams of grandeur. I thought about combining the idea of an advent calendar with a shadow box. I could see it in my head…I just needed to make it happen.

Make it happen I did…albeit 12 months later! Here’s the final product:

If you look real close through the window you can see the big man himself:

The whole thing is made of MDF. I created the shop front by using bits of thick card that was part of the packaging and just stuck them to look like paneling and a shingle roof. I used some thin plastic from some other packaging I was throwing away for the window. Hit it all up with some red paint and go crazy with a can of snow.

The boxes are all lined with contrasting papers to the outer wrapping. I coloured the numbers using a silver stamp pad.

I have to say, I am rather impressed with how it turned out and can’t wait for Ruby to wake up in the morning and see it. It’s something I hope we can keep in the family for a long time…who knows, my grand kids might be using it one day!!

Have fun,


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