As I continue on the journey of planning my new house, my mind is thinking about how I would entertain friends and family. One of the rooms I have been in two minds about is a dining room.

Dining rooms seem to have become a thing of the past. A lot of homes these days have become more open plan and the dining room has been integrated as part of the kitchen and living area. It’s all about being able to cook and hang out with your guests.

But I am still old school in thought and love the idea of a separate, more formal room. However I don’t want this room to become like a museum where we only sit at the table on special occasions and Christmas. I want it to be a room we use at least on a weekly basis so it needs to be able to function for the needs of regular dining as well as being able t extend for many guests.

I just love the idea of having a separate room with a massive table that you can fit everyone at. In the past I have been limited by the 6 chairs I have and you are often wheeling the office chair in and trying to squeeze another person onto the end. I would love a table that extends so when its just a few of us it doesn’t feel like one of those ridiculously long tables at a palace with one person up one end asking the other at the opposite end for the salt.

Here’s some rooms I am using as inspiration:

Maybe a round table that extends:

Dining table circle with extension?

This is my all time favourite dining room:

Be nice to incorporate a fireplace but it’s not a priority:


I love these chairs:


The pendant is gorgeous as is the grass cloth wall paper:


This table size might be overkill but one can dream:

Dining room

The perfect wall covering and trim work for my dream dining room:

inset grass cloth (by greg natale)

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Do you have a formal dining room?

Have fun!

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