Truth be told, I am loving my work at the moment. There is not a moment I wake up and dread the day ahead. I feel so energized and passionate about my businesses – positively busting. I have to stop myself from working all day and night because I quite possibly could.

I know some people like to grab their laptop and sit in a cafe or travel the world as they work. But I’m a home body and I love to put roots down. For me I like to have my own space. A place that is inspirational and motivational. A place where magic happens.

So as I think about the study in our new home I do so with great thought. It’s got to be very functional for the organised Virgo in me as well as suit our current and future needs. It needs to:

  1. allow me to run my businesses from home
  2. be the command centre of the home
  3. provide space for Ruby to do her studies down the track

Working from home is something I am very used to as I’ve been doing it for over 8 years now….even in my corporate roles I have worked from home. It’s where I am most productive as being in an office is to distracting for me. There are two ways I work – sitting down for hours on end or standing up, moving around and sticking post it notes all over the walls as I brainstorm.

I am currently torn about where to locate the study at the moment. My initial thought was to have it off the library which will be at the front of the house. I also want to locate Ruby’s playroom next to it so I can not only keep an eye on her while I work but also be with her. I was then going to have a command centre in the kitchen. But it just didn’t make sense to me having the two separate. But if I move the study next to where I am currently proposing to put the kitchen, which is on the other side of the house at the rear, then it doesn’t make sense not having the study next to the library. The rest of the house I have figured out…this…not so figured!

While I rack my brain and tear my hair out over this for just a bit longer, let me share with you some inspiration so you can see what kind of look I am going for in the study.

I love the colours and the built in feel of this space. I can imagine a mirror image of this on the other side where Ruby can sit and do her homework:

January-February 2015 Paint Colors


I love the storage….lot’s of filing cabinets and a place in the middle to spread out when I need to. There is room for Ruby and I. Just needs french doors out to a garden:

Craft Room Design Ideas. This craft room is just great! #CraftRoom #Computerroom Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Old Navy 2063 10


I’ve always loved this office layout, just needs a bit more space to walk around:



I love the cabinetry and the glass tops:

Corner office. Grey built-ins, neutral palette | Munger Interiors


What about a table in the middle that you can move around!?!?



Love the cabinetry and plenty of filing cabinets:

great built-in home office / workspace


Nice storage:



Gotta paint all walls in white board/ magnetic paint for my brainstorming!!

Great idea for us that need the visual thinking



Massive calendar to plan our lives:

Corkboard calendar


I so need a good wrapping station…maybe like this:

gift wrapping center



Or even this

Craft Area


Yes it certainly will be an amazing space – can’t wait!!!

Have fun!

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