Happy New Year…yes we are well and truly into it now with February peeking it’s nose around the corner already….WTF!?!

Usually I look forward to the end a year, excited to plan the next 12 months, set some new goals and start planning my life out. But at the end of last year I didn’t feel the need to do any of that. I didn’t feel the need because for the first time in as far as I can remember, I already had my plan in place and it was a continuation of the year prior.

You see, last year I got so clear on what I wanted to do, so certain and confident in the direction I was taking that I didn’t feel the need to change it up. There was so much ground work done last year and I am exactly where I have designed myself to be right now. It’s such a weird feeling…how can I explain it…one Sunday night, after having spent the day doing my weekly chores…changing the sheets, cleaning the house, planning my week ahead…I jumped into bed (OMG I love that clean sheet feel!!) and tears welled in my eyes with the feeling that everything is perfect in our life.

I love our life right now in this very moment. I am enjoying the space we live in, the work that I am doing, the people we have in our life. I love watching Ruby become this amazing little person (although I am not loving the 2 year old tantrums!!). Am I where I desire to be long term? No. But I feel that where I desire to be is within reach and very achievable…and that is an amazing and very exciting feeling to have. And although I might not be where I a want to be long term, I am completely satisfied and grateful for where I am. I don’t walk around complaining about the space in my closet. If I feel I am trying to jam something in I just close my eyes visualise that I am putting it into the spacious walk in robe in my serene master suite of our new home….it always puts a smile on my face.

Last year with the help of my good friend Daniel, I got clear on my priorities – Ruby, our new house and my business. Those are the things that drive me, get me excited, make me jump out of bed in the morning and go “yeah!!”.  I would work around the clock on any one of those priorities with excitement. I also figured out how I want to feel in my life after reading Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map book. I want to feel serene, thriving, passionate and abundant. It’s so easy for me to see the link between my priorities and how I want to feel.

So what does that all mean? What will this year hold for us? What is it that I am hoping to achieve? I’m a sucker for some good public accountability so here goes. In 2015 I will….

  • Launch my business Start Up Mum to raving fans. From day one I will easily and effortlessly bring on board new members…word of mouth will be key and news will spread wide and quickly. Our local chapters will roll out quickly as interest gains momentum….the attendance at our events is phenomenal! Our members will love the community we have built, the support and nurturing they will receive. It’s an amazing and magical space and we help our members build some very successful businesses.
  • See the plans drawn up for our new home as well as our beautiful lush acreage purchased with the intention of commencing building early next year. I see myself walking the property as I map out the house plans on the land and walking through it like it is already there.
  • Have a life and business that affords me the ability to spend quality time with Ruby as we desire it. Time for us to get outdoors more and explore nature with walks along the beach picking up seashells and listening to the waves. Time to roll around and just be silly together as we laugh so hard our checks hurt.

Oooohhh I get goose bumps just reading them!!

I don’t see these as goals…I see them as intentions. What’s the difference? To me goals are about achieving a benchmark which is either met or not. Intentions on the other hand stand for something much deeper and more profound because they are aligned with our values. They point us with clarity toward those heartfelt aspirations and values we hold. Intentions are the guiding principles to how we want to live our life. Goals are from the head but intentions are from the soul. With intentions there are no steps involved, no timelines, deadlines. You just intend the outcome and surrender the process to the universe. It is like making a wish in a way.

So I see that 2014 was really the warm up year. But believe me when I say that 2015 is totally game on!!

Have fun!

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