I am snatching 5 minutes for a coffee as I write. We’ve only got a few weeks till we move out of our house and we are living in a sea of boxes at the moment. Packing is always a good way to cleanse. I feel like I need a major cleanse right now. Too many items remind me of times in the past. Besides, it’s the future I want to focus on.

We are moving on and forward which is exciting. While I look for our future home, those dreamy few acres where we will eventually rest our head, we will move into a rental for the short term. I say short term as I have this crazy thought that we will rent for the next 6 months and then move on to the land we buy in temporary accommodation while we build our forever home. To save the unpacking and repacking, I am planning to keep most of our belongings boxed up until the new home is built. My beautiful (and somewhat large!) book collection, our good dining sets…just live lean for a little while with the basic necessities.

Once we have settled down in our temporary abode, my aim is to focus on blitzing some of my other goals. Finally getting my business up and running along with loosing the extra kilos that have attached themselves to me this past year are some of my immediate priorities. I am so excited to finally have the time for both.

I have learnt a lot about myself in the last year or so. I discovered a strength that I never knew I had. But I also found a determination to achieve my goals super fast. Do I believe we will be living on our dream block of land in 6 months time? You bet I believe it. Do I believe my business will launch to raving fans? I certainly am going to make it happen! Do I believe my body will resemble that of a female fitness model? Okay that might be pushing it but I will certainly give it a good nudge!!

Have fun,

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