Today was a day of firsts for me. Firstly I walked into a Rolex shop and secondly I held over $100K of watches in my hands – and that was just two watches!

No I wasn’t shopping for myself (I wish!) but instead hanging out with a friend of mine who is a big fan of Rolex watches and has quite a few of them.
The experience was very insightful for me. Having never been into a Rolex shop, I was amused that the door was kept locked and a “guard” standing at the door opening it to let people in. I have to admit I was rather scared standing there and way too afraid to touch anything or even sit down in case they thought I was stealing it. My friend sat down and asked to look at several watches. Had he not have been wearing a Rolex, I wonder if they would have obliged…I mean can anyone walk in and try these things on?
One of the watches my friend tried on had a price tag of $90,000. My mind was blown at the thought of wearing something worth so much on my wrist. I have to say that I have never really seen a Rolex in real life, let alone held two at a time! I used to have a picture of one on my dream board, a gold ladies piece with diamonds around the face, that I aspired to have but in all honesty, if I had the option I think I would be too scared.
For starters I have never been a big jewellery person and the pieces I do own are simple and certainly not worth thousands. And yet when I do wear my pieces I will occasionally check to make sure they are still on me. Paranoid much!?!?
But I must admit the watches were very beautiful indeed and I certainly have a new appreciation for them. My friend past two of the beauties to me, one in gold and one in silver and asked me to feel the weight difference. I was amazed at just how heavy they were and just how different they weighed.
The sales person was very obliging…made me wonder what the commission is on these.
Certainly an experience I can tick off my bucket list! I have to admit that I do love shopping with friends!
Have fun!
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