Well we skipped off the grid for a week as we did the big move from our house to our home for now.

To be honest this has been one of the most stressful moves I have ever done. It wasn’t necessarily because I had a toddler in toe either because the last time I moved she was just 6 months old and in my arms. But there just seemed to be a never ending list of to dos. I was not just packing up a house that I have had for nearly eight years but also trying to find a new pad for us to rent which seemed an even bigger challenge. I thought problems might arise with the fact that I had a dog (and a big one at that!) but it was because I have no current rental history. The fact that I have been living in my own houses for nearly eight years and needed somewhere to rent while I build my dream home obviously wasn’t impressive enough. So I have had to pay six months rent in advance….which isn’t a bad thing because it means I don’t have to worry about fixing the rent up each week…one less task on my to do list!

My body aches, I feel very physically and mentally broken right now. I’ve recently been a night owl sometimes staying up till 2am in the morning but the last couple of days I find I am asleep on the lounge at 9pm! But we are in and, aside from two boxes, everything is unpacked and we are settling into a rhythm in our new abode.

Our new abode…talk about manifesting what you want! I was having a hard time finding something suitable for us. So I did a little “process” I have been trying for a few months now. I am a big fan of law of attraction and Abraham-Hicks and one of the tips I picked up was a thing called the Placemat Exercise.  Apparently Esther Hicks was sitting with her husband in a diner and she was talking about how overwhelmed she felt with everything she had to accomplish. It was then that she received a message from Abraham to turn over the placemat that was sitting in front of her and draw a line down the middle of the paper and a line across the top so it resembled the letter “T.” Abraham told her to write “Me” on the left side and “The Universe” on the right side. On the left side of the paper Abraham suggested she write down all of the things that she was inspired to accomplish that day,  things she was ready and willing to take action upon immediately and that felt right and clear to her. On the right side of the paper she was to write down all of the things she wanted the Universe to take care of for her. Things she wasn’t exactly clear on or felt some kind of resistance to doing, or items she hadn’t even figured how to start accomplishing yet.

So, getting back to my stuff…I have been doing the placemat exercise on a weekly basis. I sold my house for the price I wanted the day after I delegated it to the Universe. Coincidental? Maybe. So I pulled out a new placemat and wrote down what I needed to accomplish…packing, get more boxes, tasks for clients etc. Then on the Universe’s column I wrote “lease a house” and listed under that all the things I was looking for…I was very granular about it.  I have to tell you the place we are in ticked all the boxes, except the last which was to rent it for less than a certain amount…which I exceeded by $10!

Your Turn:

Have you ever manifested something you wanted?

Have fun!

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