Today I am another year older and another year wiser. Today I turned 42. It’s weird as I don’t feel 42. I still feel like I am in my early 30’s and I don’t know why as that was a period of partying for me…certainly not something that gets done at all these days!

Birthdays are usually a time to reflect. It’s a forced pit stop in life where you can think back over all that you have achieved. Some days I am less happier about this than others. Some days I look at my life and feel like I haven’t achieved as much as I would have liked to. But then I think about everything that I have achieved and I suddenly change my mind and realise just how lucky I am.

This year’s celebrations were very low key…and that was really nice. I did a bit of work during the day and then my folks came over in the afternoon with cake and then they grabbed some Chinese take away for our dinner.  Nice and quiet.

Ruby is at the age now that she can sing happy birthday and say “hip hip hooray”. Although she has still not got the hang of blowing the candles out yet, she knows the whole birthday concept.

I must say I was completely overwhelmed at just how many birthday wishes I got…particularly from my closest 4,527 Facebook friends! I felt a lot of love that is for sure….very humbled and grateful.

I am more than happy to continue the low key birthday celebrations for a few more years but watch out 50, there is a humdinger celebration coming your way!!

Have fun!

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