Have you ever wondered what the younger you would think about the present you?  I was reading an article about it the other day and it asked the question of what would the younger you think about the present you. What would make 14-year-old me delighted, if not  disbelieving?  It really got me thinking.

For starters, I think the younger me would be very surprised at how driven and strong the older me turned out. As a 14 year old, I didn’t have the determination that I do now.  I had smarts about me though…I remember doing door to door catalogue sales at the age of 13 to make some pocket money. That same year I worked at the local supermarket throughout Christmas break. So I guess I always had good work ethics and I think the younger me would be pretty pleased to know that.


At 14 years old I had the dream of being an architect. I would be surprised that I ended up with a career in marketing after all those days I spent drafting dream houses on my home-made drafting table. I remember even building a miniature version of one of my house designs out of cardboard. If I hadn’t become an architect then I was definitely going to be in the music industry managing the world’s largest rock bands. I remember thinking how cool it would be for my daughter to have amazing bands playing at her birthday parties because of my “industry connections”. Oh well, at least it was a step up from the bus conductor I wanted to be as a wee little one…what a limited career that would have been!!

I think I would be very disappointed in the fact that I didn’t end up marrying Kirk Cameron. The hours I spent practicing signing my new name “Mrs Cameron” was a complete waste! I would be even more disappointed that I didn’t get that dream wedding at St Mary’s Cathedral with my pop driving the horse and cart. The fact that I never married at all would have been a real surprise.

My mum was only 20 years old when I was born and I guess I always thought I would like to be a younger mum as well. The fact that I didn’t have a baby until I was 40 would really blow the mind of the younger me. I would probably say “eww gross”. Not naming my daughter China Blue as I had always planned as a youngster would be another surprise. Ruby is one lucky girl not to cop that name! I remember my mum joking with me not to marry someone with the last name Off (get it? china blew off).

I loved to cook so I would be pretty pleased that I still continued to enjoy that. I was also pretty good at wood work, actually came top of my class every year….mind you I was also the only girl in the class. I think the younger me would love the fact that I still enjoy making things and renovating.

I think I would be most pleased knowing that my best friend Tanya and her new boyfriend at the time were happily married with a teenage son of their own. I remember her coming to school telling me all about her new boyfriend and me saying (because I was such the woman of the world!) “I give it a month”. Tanya reminds me that often!

All in all, I think I would be pretty stoked at where I turned out in life although I would be very stunned at some of the directions I have taken as I don’t think I would have ever imagined me doing any of it the way I have.

What about you? Have you ever wondered what the younger you would think about the older you?

Have fun!

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